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VoIP Hardware

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Many executives are surprised when they discover just how cost-effective the installation of a VoIP system can be. Since our establishment in 1984, Patton Electronics has been perfecting network access and connectivity devices. In recent years we have worked hard to develop a range of VoIP hardware solutions that are easy to install and configure. Today our product line includes VoIP routers, gateways, adapters, phones and PBXs–everything needed for a successful VoIP installation.

For simple installations such as one that links two geographically separate locations, the only equipment needed is a gateway at each location. These gateways will connect the data network with the PBX system. Our SmartNode series of gateways include models that are ideal for this type of application.

More complex applications may require routers and the network interface cards necessary to connect them to an existing PBX system or LAN Intranet. Our range of SmartNode analog and digital routers with our SmartLink adapter cards can be used to set up the most complex of applications that will interface with virtually any telephone system.