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Concord International, LLC is a next generation communication company committed to delivering quality Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone solutions for business customers throughout Ukraine, Russia, US, Canada, and is managed by a senior leadership team that is focused on providing an exceptional customer experience for every single customer. Our employees are passionate about delivering the results your business is looking for and that you get not only what you asked for, but more than you expected

Concord International, LLC is US company with offices in US and Ukraine  and  operates its own SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) network to connect voice, data and messaging content between end points for consumers and businesses.

Our next generation voice-over-IP network allows anyone with a broadband connection to call anywhere in the world regardless your physical location. With our cutting-edge business services, any business can enjoy advanced PBX functionality and multi-line savings that have traditionally been limited to large enterprise systems.

If your company has offices located in multiple countries CONCORD PBX can provide communication system where all the locations will be combined to one virtual office and dialing your coworker located around the globe will be as simple as dialing somebody in the same building. If you are international company you’ve come to the right place.

We will help you significantly reduce your communication cost  providing  exceptional unlimited  calling plans, super-low international rates, and full suite of innovative calling and account management features at an unbeatable value.

Concord International offers FREE SUPPORT to customers who use Digium equipment even if you did not purchased products from us!!!