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Hosting and Colocation

Co – location Co-location (colocation, collocation) literally – the deployment of customer equipment in a specially equipped room provider to its technical platform (in the data center). In addition to proper placement in the basic set of services for co-location include: Providing a certain amount of prepaid traffic (inbound or outbound) connection to external channels with high bandwidth (100 Mbit / c), the presence of reserve channels, increased level of security (uninterruptible power, climate control, protection from physical intrusion on the technical platform, etc.) Round the clock support; Operational troubleshooting directly “on site” (on-site).

Hosting As an additional service we offering our customers hosting. Hosting – this is accommodation and maintenance of your site on the Internet. Once you have created a website, you must ensure that it is a good attendance. In order for this site was visited, how many more people should know about it. To do this, your site must be available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – just so you get a return on its existence. In this case you should not disturb the technical side of web-server, which will provide high-class specialists. Therefore, we also offer placement of your site on our resources. To place your site is allocated disk space on one of our computers. We provide through its channel resources round the clock access to all Internet users to your website. Our experts will provide technical and consulting support your site.