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Recent trends in the world and in Ukraine, according to analyst firms is the growing popularity of service call-centers. This is not surprising, since the supply of goods on the market for many exceeds the actual sales, it is justified primarily by the lack of investment in advertising sales and post-sales support. The logical question is, why? It turns out it is very easy for companies that deal in natural and absolutely natural to engage in education “Baba Yaga” in his own team, toist creation of units that will deal with communications and the creation of + Professional customer support centers.

Playing on the advance of this trend, the Ukrainian company Phonix Technologies launched the call-center based on its own software products VoxCenter. This Call Center has become one of the Ukrainian enterprises which solves marketing problems of clients. Contact Center aims to establish full communication with the end-user customers. This is especially true of goods, which, having comparable quality and price, tough competition in the market.

Proffessionalnye communication quality operators – a big problem for most service industries: banks, insurance companies, hotels, tour operators, etc. These are the qualities kontaktera, his wits, training and expertise to attract or repel the client contacted at the telephone number listed in advertising. From the words of the general sales manager of the investment company «FNIN» Edward Corralez. – It needs a professional selection, a good motivation to work and special training. After all, these people bring a sale. Having the opportunity to “buy” a team (at the time shares), together with full company strategy and a set of other advertising and marketing services company that has a Phonix Technologies, – is really valuable. “

Based on the foregoing KOMRANII Phonix Tech Ltd offers you the service – hotline kotoyaraya provides the following benefits

  • Organization of multi-channel telephone numbers 8-800 and 8-900.
  • Select the required Number of trained operators.
  • Integration Software VoxCenter with accounting systems and analysis of the customer.