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Internet telephony and VOIP-Technology

What is Internet Telephony?

Internet Telephony (IP-telephony) – a technology that uses the Internet to transmit voice signals.

How does Internet telephony?

In the conversation, our voice signals (words that we say) are converted into compressed data packets. When these data packets are sent via the Internet the other side. When the data packets reach the recipient, they are decoded into voice signals of the original.

What is the difference between Internet telephony from regular telephony?

In a conventional telephone call connection between the two interlocutors is established through a telephone exchange solely for conversation. Voice signals are transmitted on certain telephone lines, via a dedicated connection. When you request the same on the Internet, compressed data packets are received on the Internet with a destination address. Each data packet goes its own way to their destination by different routes. For the recipient, the data packets are decoded and rearranged in the original voice signals.

What is the difference between Internet telephony on IP-telephony?

Internet Telephony special case of IP-telephony, here as the transmission lines used by the regular channels of Internet. In pure IP-Telephony, as transmission lines of telephone traffic using dedicated digital channels, but as Internet telephony is based on the IP-telephony, we will apply for her both terms.

Why Internet Telephony costs less?

Regular telephone calls require an extensive network of telephone stations connected fixed telephone lines, supply of fiber optic cables and satellites. The high cost of telephone companies lead us to expensive long-distance calls. A dedicated connection telephone exchange also has a lot of excess capacity or idle time during the speech session. Internet Telephony is partly based on the existing network of fixed telephone lines. But most importantly, it uses the most advanced compression technology our voice signals, and fully utilizes the capacity of telephone lines. Therefore, data packets from different queries, and even different types of them can move on the same line at the same time. Telecommunications provides voice and fax communications. Digital Voice Communications supports a wide range of basic and additional services, we are actively using it today. Our customers have all the services of a digital telephony, presented at today’s telecommunications market. Distinctive features of telephone services are using the most modern and powerful technologies.

When connected, we offer our clients a broad range of extra services, including:

– Call Waiting (second line) – Conference Call (possibility to negotiate with two or more companions at the same time) – Call Forwarding – gosovaya mail – and much more, that is able to provide modern technology.