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Networks and Communications

Corporate data network designed to support the organization of internal technology and business processes (production management, exchange of information on the movement of goods, support for electronic document management, support a single distributed database business, etc.), electronic payments. This solution is also used for corporate Internet access, stock and weather reports and t.d.

Lokalnye data network composition of computer equipment used in office, traditionally defined, and the typical challenges faced by employees. Modern business requires automation of accounting and stock control, invoicing and receiving (sending) messages electronically to suppliers and customers. For efficient operation of staff, management of computer equipment, our company and a local area network (LAN). Typically, the office shall be installed on the server, workstations, several network printers, one or two modem to connect to the Internet, send and receive e-mail, faxes and electronic payments. As the transmission medium is currently in office LAN is mainly used unshielded twisted pair Category 5 (UTP).