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Practice shows that one of the most important factors determining the effectiveness of successful growth and management of your business is a fast receipt of all kinds of information upon which decisions are made.

Many companies on the day of use for today’s practice of collective decision-making is justified conditioned by all sorts of temporary circumstances arise in the manufacturing process. Standard and outdated decision-making collective decisions for many companies today use the scheme when the CEO calls and gives the Secretary the task of ring up a group of senior officials to ascertain their views on the issue sprang from the head, or he spends his own precious time. All this can be avoided if you use the service teleconference from the company Phonix Technologies.

Opportunities teleconference services

To arrange a telephone conference, as in the case of holding a meeting in ofisse company, you only using specialized software provided by Phonix Technologies set a date, it was performed, and choose of participants of the conference, participants from the same need only stay in their jobs or be connected to the means of movable or mobile. In addition to scheduled meetings, you will be able to conduct and prompt discussion of issues that require immediate solutions. This enables us to quickly respond to all the events given the current situation at the moment. Conference calls can save time, and hence the financial resources associated with the movement of staff to the meeting venue. The savings will be especially pronounced if the meeting with a large number of participants (five or more people) are common. The service is intended for the organization of conferences (teleconferences) with a large number of participants and additional service to their implementation. Functionally, the system is a hardware-software complex, which is a special algorithm to a specific customer time automatically soedenyaet udallenyh subscribers in a conference call.

What you get to use this service:

  • Automatic collection to a predetermined start time and the list of participants.
  • Semi-automatic mode on the list shaped by the process of the conference, is controlled by the operator of the system.
  • Manual mode for the conference, the gathering of people is carried out at the request of the initiator by clicking on the button telephone.
  • At the same time can be several independent conferences.
  • Write the entire teleconference.
  • Surgery (add / delete participants).