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Virtual Room

When connecting to the service “Virtual Room” you will have a single city phone number. All incoming calls on him to switch your phone number located in any geographic area, even abroad. This allows you to combine all of your phones under one, easy to remember, direct number. The virtual number is not attached to a particular place and does not require installation of any equipment. Incoming calls can be redirected to your mobile number, so that no one missed call – you are always in touch. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your actual numbers. Subscription Services Virtual Room is a prepaid and after making a monthly payment. Billing is subject to challenges, forwarded to your room at the prevailing rates.

When ordering the service “Virtual Room” you can take advantage of additional types of service:

  • Voicemail greeting (IVR);
  • Receiving faxes to your e-mail;
  • Voice mail;
  • Algorithm for handling calls on your scenario.